Bridal jewelry in India

The occasion of marriage is a special one for any person. In India, it is considered a highly sacred bond. An Indian woman regards the day of her marriage as the most important day in her life. To make this special day perfect, preparations go on for months on end in Indian households. Jewelry plays a very important role in Indian weddings. An Indian bride is usually decked up from head to toe in beautiful jewelry that complements her attire and her personality.

Typically, an Indian bride uses the following ornaments:

Maangtika or tiara: The tiara, called the Maangtika in Hindi, is used to adorn the centre forehead parting of the bride. Maangtikas are now available in different styles and colors. Usually, for bridal wear, a Maangtika with a decorative centre piece is preferred, with a long string. In the modern times, tiaras in the form of crowns are also being used.

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10 Style Tips for the Fashion-Forward Bride

Luckily for fashionable brides, wedding dresses are now closely trailing the hottest runway trends. From slim and sexy silhouettes to edgy cut-outs, brides are definitely not afraid to get a bit more fashion-forward on their wedding day. We went straight to the source and sat down with bridal atelier owner Gabriella Risatti of Gabriella New York, to chat about all the hottest trends in bridal, including what she’s loving now, and what she’s expecting to sashay down the runway in upcoming seasons.

Read on to learn her top style finds and tips for style-savvy brides!

Consider some of the newer Israeli designers in your dress search!
After the success of Inbal Dror, there has been an influx of amazingly talented wedding dress designers coming from Isarel, and they’re creating epically fashionable gowns! Gabriella has two new favorites she recommends, below.

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10 Minutes with Emerging Bridal Brand, Lakum

Sathya Balakumar and Heather Green founded Lakum in 2014 to add a modern sensibility to the world of bridal fashion. Balakumar, a classically trained designer who studied at Parsons, and Green, who manages the business operations of the brand, have launched their collection to offer a new perspective on bridal fashion, informed by historical design and constructed in beautiful fabrics. After spotting their beautiful collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week, we caught up with the pair to get the dish on their exciting new collection, based in a very classic fashion sensibility.

Lakum is inspired by the two iconic fashion designers who redefined the way women dress for evening.
“The Lakum Fall 2016 Collection takes inspiration from the early 20th century Parisian designers Paul Poiret and Madeleine Vionnet. Both houses modernized the womenswear of their time by emphasizing the natural female form through focus on drape and the bias cut,” said the designer, of the universally flattering fabric draping technique. “Poiret and Vionnet capitalized on ease of wear while highlighting the neck, collarbones and shoulders with their introduction to halter necklines. In this collection we played heavily on new necklines as a way of transforming the silhouettes. Our goal is to add a modern voice to the bridal wear market, through our non-traditional approach to a seemingly traditional industry.”

They launched the brand with an ambitious 35 looks in 11 different fabrications.
“There are so many women seeking fashion forward, modern looks for their wedding that have not been provided by the current bridal market. We created Lakum for the bride who has a clear vision of who she is, and how she wants to represent her personality on her wedding day. She recognizes quality, seeks something rare, and demands an exceptional fit. The Anita top paired back with the Julia pant (below) is a look that can fit a multitude of wedding events. It can be worn for a City Hall wedding, a rehearsal dinner, or same-sex wedding. We push the limits in order to allow women to be themselves on this important day. We also recognize budgets and design our pieces to be worn again. Who doesn’t need a pair of white pants and sleek white top for their daily life?”

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Hydrate Skin Dryness – How To Naturally Fight Skin Dryness

Healthy skin is what every one would love to have. However, due to the environmental pollution, skin is getting damaged as it is the first organ to face the environment. Skin dryness can be experienced by anyone regardless of age. However, as we age, skin gets dry and loses its firmness. It is also mostly seen in women at menopause due to hormonal changes.

It is very important to maintain the moisture of the skin if you want to delay aging. Dry skin is prone to wrinkles. If you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing, skincare is very essential.

Firstly, moisturizers are the best way to effectively reduce dryness of skin. Make sure you do not expose your skin to excess heat and sunlight. Apply moisturizer with a sunblock if you are going out. Applying moisturizer twice a day can give good results. It will be an added advantage if you can use anti aging ingredients like CynergyTk, Wakame and Manuka Honey.

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Waking Up Dry, Not Drenched Helps Janet Get Her Groove Back

Consider Janet of Shawnigan Lake, BC.

For seven years she endured sleepless nights caused by an annoying cycle of sweating, waking up soaking wet and cold, having to get up to change her nightgown up to four times a night! When Janet came into Bare Essentials Lingerie in Mill Bay, BC she happened to be looking at the Wicking J Sleepwear display when it was explained to her the benefits of this fabric, created to wick away moisture from the body. Still somewhat skeptical, she bought a nightgown to try it out. A couple of days later, in comes Janet with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, “It works! It feels so great to finally get a good night’s sleep!”. So happy was she, that she bought another style in a different colour that very day.

The unique, patented fabric looks and feels like cotton but it is not; it is a cutting edge micro denier synthetic fabric developed specifically to wick away moisture from the skin. Light and wrinkle free, Wicking J Sleepwear dries quickly, making it perfect for “bathroom sink washes” while travelling. Lots of styles, too – several styles of gowns, capri pajamas, full length pajamas and short sets. Don’t use fabric softener when washing, though, as that coats the fibres and blocks the wicking properties. If you accidentally do use fabric softener, just wash them again – no problem.

Thank goodness we have such great products to choose from that can help us to relieve some of the discomfort associated with fluctuating hormones, or medications that cause night sweats. Pretty hard to function without a good nights sleep. Just ask Janet (or Marilyn, or Donna, or Erica…..).

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