Sonys Playstation 4 is known to be among the most preferred video game consoles on a billions of hefty pc gaming market. Games like Killzone, Grand Burglary Car or Undiscovered are thrilling numerous gamblers around the globe.

But do you recognize the various other helpful features the tiny amusement box has to offer? We will certainly provide you the 5 most beneficial functions of PS4 right here!


That does not know this, aggravating next-door neighbors, that disrupt you at 3 o’clock at night, even if you dip into full blast Combat zone. To counter this, you could attach your headphones straight to the Dualshock 4 and also appreciate the full audio of your preferred game with this little trick.

If you check out the pad exactly, you will certainly discover a helpful 3.5 millimeter jack connector. This is established by default for talking. But you could change that. After you have plugged in your headphones, hold back the House switch as well as alter the setups. When headphones are linked, pick “Audio Devices” under ” Tools”. You can then change from the default “Chat Audio” to “Total Audio” through the option ” Result by means of Headphones” and you will certainly have the ability to hear your video games using your PS4 controller. Awesome, right?

The only drawback is the consistent great change through the “volume control” control, since the setups are not saved after switching off the Playstation. Yet or else, a extremely cool as well as basic function that saves you and also your next-door neighbors unneeded stress and anxiety.


Share your best accomplishments or simply trendy circumstance is fun. That’s why there is a switch on your dualpad. Awesome function, the screenshot would not disturb the video game circulation every time. In the common setups this was a little bit absent, yet this is simple to neutralize.

To do this, just push the Share switch and then go to “Options”. Under “Share settings” you could then establish that by a brief click the share button a screenshot is conserved behind-the-scenes, without being interrupted by the interruptions as well as irritated. Functions efficiently and guarantees a great deal of pleasure in sharing your successes.


Every Playstation-Zocker recognizes this: You obtain a message at the PS4 play as well as wish to answer it repaired. Unfortunately, the non-user-friendly message function avoids you from doing so at a affordable price. Just a really felt infinity later on and four choice points even more, you reach the input area for your answer. Then it is not occasional already far too late or it fascinates no more.

However we also have the right tip for this: Merely download and install the PS4 app to your smart device. Whether apple iphone or Android does not matter. After that link your smartphone through Wi-Fi with the PS4 and open the possibility to use the cellphone as a carrier! No long rummaging in the news food selection, no video game disruptions. So, talks playstation the zocker once again happiness.

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